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hfc 227 fm200 clean agent gas based fire suppression design services system inc

hfc 227 fm200 clean agent gas based fire suppression design services system  inc
fire extinguishing device Temperature sensing type
Capacity types:8L,10L, 16L,20L,30L
hfc 227 fm200 clean agent gas based fire suppression design services system  inc

hfc 227 fire suppression design
Automatic HFC-227ea/FM200(Heptafluoropropane) fire extinguishing system is a set of fire extinguishing, automatic control and fire detection in one system which is the modern intelligent automatic fire extinguishing device.

• HFC-227ea/FM200 (Heptafluoropropane) is a kind of colourless, tasteless, not conduct electricity and no secondary pollution gas.

• The ozone-depleting potential value is zero.

• Cleanness, low toxicity, good electrical insulation, higher fire extinguishing efficiency.

• It is currently an ideal substitute for the halon extinguishing agent.

• According to different filling pressure, different capacity, different extinguishing agent, different starting mode to assemble.

fm200 clean agent gas
In this system, heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea ) as fire extinguishing agent,
Heptafluoropropane mainly in chemical extinguishing, also has physical fire extinguishing function, colorless, tasteless, clean,
no conducting, no pollution to the protected object, will not cause damage to property and precision equipment,
no damage to the ozone layer of the atmosphere (ODP value is zero), comply with environmental requirements,
in most area of the protected zone, the concentrations of fire extinguishing agent are lower than the body's toxic reaction concentration (NOAEL concentration ),
the human body is safe, is an excellent gas fire extinguishing agent.

hfc 227 fire suppression  system 
Product Characteristic:

No need to install fire extinguishing agent vonveying pipeline ,no need the special cylinder room,
no need linkage with the alarm system ,asopt hanging installion way,when there is a fire ,
temperature sensing glass ball ruputure.,the container valve open to spray the fire extinguishing agent to the protection area ,
the agent without pipe loss,higher speed higherefficiency

Safety Considerations
Although the EPA Significant New Alternative Program (SNAP) lists FM-200® as acceptable for occupied spaces, NFPA Standard 2001 and SNAP list the following guidelines for human exposure:
The discharge of FM-200® into a hazard may reduce visibility for a brief period. FM-200 may cause frostbite if liquid discharge or escaping vapor contacts the skin.
When FM-200® is exposed to temperatures greater than 1300°F (700°C), the by-product Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) will be formed. FM-200® systems are designed to discharge in 10 seconds or less in order to minimize the amount of HF formed
A cylinder containing FM-200® should be handled carefully. xc

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