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co2 fire fighting system

Model No.: WZ-Q/T-J45-JAE
co2 fire fighting system
co2 fire fighting system  detection  device  is  the  new  innovation  in  the  fire  protection  industry.  As  a  simple,low  cost and high-reliable independent and automatic fire extinguishing system, no need power supply, specific heat sensor, smoke sensor,the complicated equipment and pipes. Detect and put out the fire  correctly,  effectively,directly,put  out  the  fire  at  the  primary  stage  with  the  cylinder’s pressure. Not only reduce the project cost,but also the fire extinguishing cost. At the same time, there is no harm to human. Adopting the fire detecting device could protect the smaller& enclosed space .

Before the installation and operation,should have the following technical document: Designing drawing and related technical documents;
The government specified qualified inspection report;
The product certificate, using&maintenance instructions,inspection certificate;
Before the installation should check the appearance of container valves, the detection tube, releasing tube,should according with the following regulations:
The accessory there is no collision&other mechanical injures; The surface protective coating should be in good appearance;
All accessory interfaces should have protection covers with good sealing,there is no damage on  the connecting screws and flange sealing surface.
The nameplate is clear, and the content shall comply with of the government relevant provisions.
Before the installation should check the agent weight and filling pressure,should comply with the following provisions;
The filling weight should not less than the design weight, and shall not exceed 1.5% of the design weight;
The actual working pressure should comply with design requirements.
Before the installation should test the air tightness for the container valve,detection tube,release tube,and the test gas should be air or nitrogen, the pressure should not less than
1.25 times as the working pressure,and the test time should not be less than 10min.The cylinder installation should comply with the following requirements:
The installation position should comply with the design requirements; The cylinder should set the safety device;
Before install the filling cylinder, should not connect the detection tube to the container valves;
The cylinder should installed uprightly, the bracket should be fixed firmly, and adopt the corrosion prevention treatment measures;
The cylinder should be fixed on the protected equipment shell or the cabinet;
The pressure gauge installation height and direction should kept consistent, and convenient to be observed;
The cylinder frontage should indicate the agent name and the container No.
The detection tube& release pipes Installation shall comply with the following requirements: Adopt the special joint;
The detection tube should lay with the special pipe clamps along the upward side in the protection area. When the protected object is wire or cable, the detection tube could be paved along with the wire or cable,should be fixed with special pipe clamps.
The fire detection device detection tube or the release tube tee joint outlet should be installed horizontally;
After initial installation,take out the terminal pressure gauge from the check valve, connect the filling joint to the check valve unit, make the ball valve under the closed state,fill the tube pressure into 1.2Mpa with special joint.
When using single set fire detection device, the tube should reach every protect corner,the detection tube should layout uniform,on the container valve,connect the tube by tee joint,pave the fire trace tube to each protective equipment.
When using multiple set fire detection device, divide all the protect equipment to several groups, under the condition that storage pressure consistent with the agent flow(namely keep the tube valid using length consistent),each group of equipment should have the consistent fire detection device and the agent.

1、Low-voltage power distribution room
2、High-voltage power distribution room
3、Switch Station
4、Network communication room

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