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FM-200 fire detection fire fighting system

FM-200 fire detection fire fighting system
Model No.: WZ-Q/T-3-JAQ
Releasing type:direct type
FM-200 fire detection fire fighting system

FM-200 fire detection system is the new innovation in the fire protection industry. As a simple,low cost and high-reliable independent and automatic fire extinguishing system, no need power supply,specific heat sensor, smoke sensor,the complicated equipment and pipes. Detect and put out thefire correctly, effectively,directly,put out the fire at the primary stage with the cylinder’s pressure. Not only reduce the project cost,but also the fire extinguishing cost. At the same time,there is no harm to human. Adopting the fire detecting device could protect the smaller& enclosed space .


Microwave machine room, Decimeter wave machine room, meter wave machine room, electricity
transformation and distribution room and UPS room
Program - controlled switchboard room, control room and signaling transfer room in the communication
Control room, electronic equipment room, computer machine room, relay room, substation and
distribution machine room and the locations where the cables intersect and are intensive and the center
coupling and other locations
Electricity transformation and distribution cabinet, elevator control cabinet, wire and cable slot or the
cable tray which have the tray
Special or important equipment the shell is relatively enclosed


Chemical products fire including the nitrocellulose and gunpowder etc which contain the oxidizing agent
Active metal fire including potassium, sodium (Na), magnesium, titanium, zirconium etc.
Metal hydride fire including potassium hydride, sodium hydride etc.

Combine with alarm, fire extinguishing together, quick detection response, put out the fire point to point in the initial stage, reduce the economic losses caused by fire effectively.
No need the power supply, not affect by the vibration or impact, not cause the weakened &false alarm because of the oil,dust,smoke.
The tube is flexible, not affected by any position, can reach various of small and complex flammable space or equipment, this characteristics make up the defect of the existing fire products which can not put out the fire.
Put out the fire point to point .Closest the protection objects, high fire extinguishing efficiency, low cost.
Reduce the agent up to 80% compared with the traditional ways, more environmentally protection, more safety for personnel; most suitable for the equipment&location which is unattended but need focus on protection.
No need the power supply, the operation is not disturbed by electromagnetic, muggy, dust and other factor, protect all kinds of electrical equipment safely and reliably; simple design,easy to install, not occupy the user limited space, no need the extra cylinder room.

1、Low-voltage power distribution room
2、High-voltage power distribution room
3、Switch Station
4、Network communication room

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Jiangxi Jian An Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd, is a provincial level scientific& technological enterprise specially engaged in high technology, research, produce& sales the fire extinguisher in fire fighting equipment industry. Jian An company R&D the green environmental protection system fire fighting products independently. It contains the Aerosol fire extinguishing device, FM200 fire extinguishing device, Fire trace tube device. Our products are CNAS,UKASIS9001,CE approved, we are awarded the first fire control engineering technology research center in Jiangxi province of China.

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